Thursday, March 5, 2009

Carnivorous women eat up herbivorous men

Wanting to find out more about the rumoured rise of the herbivorous man in Japan I did a quick search and came up with this article from Mainichi. Basically Japanese men have been said to become less aggressive in the dating game while women looking to snag a husband have stepped up to the plate. Apparently if you adopt the Ebi-chan look (see above) of girly curls and cutesy smiles, you'll be much more likely to hunt down your piece of man meat successfully. According to the article men are now less aggressive in dating, have many female friends that they don't try to sleep with, drive non-flashy environmentally friendly cars and don't attend go cons (organised dating parties). In short, they are rather passive when it comes to dating. It's no wonder that women are carnivorous when you think that if they catch their prey, they'll say goodbye to an underpaid career and hello to sitting at home in a cosy apartment while the man goes out to work for them. Traditionally men give all of their salaries to their wives who then dish them out some pocket money so they can go drinking with their pals. Good hunting girls!


Anonymous said...

Nono, this is failure.
A man is = 金 女 権力

Anonymous said...

I like this ! Amazing !!!!

Unknown said...

Well, I've read a lot of the characteristics of the herbivore men. One of them being, Not a great spender but one that love saving. Having that said, The carnivorous women attempt will land on a failure, HANDING OVER YOUR SALARY isn't better than saving, Something has to be done about that.