Thursday, May 29, 2008

Deerhoof to play Japan

Back in the UK I had a monthly night in Brighton called Nihongogo (geddit) where I used to DJ Japanese music. As well as Plus Tech Squeezebox, Pizicatto Five, Puffi Ami Yumi et al, I'd occasionally slip in a Deerhoof track - they just about qualify because their singer, Satomi, is Japanese. Anyway, the great news is that they are coming to Japan to play a few dates. And they've got new material and a new member. If you want to find out details please read my interview with the band's guitarist, John Dieterich for Japan Times. I loved writing this article because I'm such a huge fan.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Here's my pic of what was on offer at last weekend's desgin festa:

Yukikoi does the most fantabulous 60s-inspired design:

Kim Kangdoo makes postcards...
... that can be transformed into little box creatures with some scissors, glue and a good sharp knife:For some really annoying reason, I can't seem to load up their website but on their meishi it appears as:

Funppy were selling the cutest t-shirts that come in their very own box for only 500 yen. What an, er, life affirming motto:

And Dali's Art Work made this groovy construction from wooden bricks. Excuse the sideways video!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Erokawa mobile phone strap

Erokawa - the fusion of erotic and kawaii (cute) style - is the current craze sweeping the Japanese female population, according to the Strapya, makers of cell phone straps. Embodying this style with their new sexy lingere range of straps, they explain that the whole concept is dead classy: "To attracted him today, don't show off your bra and shorts as a show girl. Real underwear miniature cell phone straps can support you taking his attention to you..." And here I thought, opening up my barely-covered legs on a crowded commuter train and giving the man of my dreams a pantyshot was the way to his heart, when all along there was a more subtle way to give him an idea of what saucy undies I was wearing.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Free Polysics gig

The latest Polysics album, 'We ate the machine', just came out on 23 April. I'm a huge fan of their hyper new-wave sound and am bouncing up and down with glee about the fact that they'll be playing a free live date at Tower Records in Shibuya this month on Friday 23, B1F stage 1 starting at 7pm.

Ladies stop titivating yourselves on the train!

As my grandmother used to say when she caught anyone spending too long in front of a mirror: 'will you stop titivating yourself'. In Japan people have absolutely no shame about doing their make up on the train and gazing at themselves for the entire journey in their sparkly Disney mirror. Hence the above ad campaign which also discourages people from the heinous crimes of sitting on the seat with their legs spread and listening to their iPods with the volume loud.

BTW If anyone has wondered why I've been incredibly lax of late with my blogs, in my defense I've not been on top form due to having contracted sinusitus. Gomen!