Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Schoolgirl disguise case gets ickier

See the previous post. Japan Today further reports that the man was wearing a pink bra, make up but no underwear having been 'showing himself' to the students from a car outside the school. As they say over here. Kimochi warui!!!!! Translated roughly as eeeeeewwwwww!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Schoolgirl disguise caper

Reuters reports that a 37 year old man's 'cunning' schoolgirl disguise was foiled by actual Saitama schoolgirls as he was taking an oh-so-casual walk in a park by the school gates. When the girls screamed, he tried to run into the crowd of teens for camouflage, causing even more hysteria. The man was forced to flee the scene, losing his wig in the process before being caught by a school clerk. He'd bought the outfit on the internet, and as everyone knows, those flimsy polyester things, made to satisfy the jaded appetites of impotent businessmen, look so fake. However, it was probably more the sight of his puffy skin and hairy calves that gave the game away. Okay guys unless you magically manage to henshin into the body of an actual teenage girl, you can forget about cuddling up with a bunch of classmates. Forget the disguise route, you'll be found out in about ten seconds. Please keep trying though, your amateur efforts at drag are pretty hilarious for us all.

I'm a punka too!

Even the cats in Harajuku have got attitude.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

AOU Arcade Game Expo

This Saturday I covered the AOU Entertainment Expo for Japan Times. The biggest news was the preview of Street Fighter IV. However, not being a boy n' all what I was most excited about was Jubeat, Konami's new music game. I'm a huge Pop n' Music and Dance Dance Revolution fan but such a spaz when it comes to coordinating my hands to push the buttons when they appear on the screens. With Jubeat the buttons are the screen, hooray! Read about it here. Problem was, I was so busy covering the event I didn't get to play anything on account of the hour and a half queues for most games. PS I just love the chicks in the Konami outfits, though with the game being so simple, to use they were rather redundant.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Squishy boobies!

Now your favourite plastic figurine can not only look like a real surgically-enhanced woman, she can also feel like one. New silicone technology, previewed at the AOU Entertainment Expo last weekend, means that her plastic boobies are now nice and squishy. In the interests of product research, I had a good prod and can attest that these tiny mammories are lovely and soft. One shudders to think what horny otaku will do once they get their hands on these babies. As long as it's behind closed doors!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Beer bottle beatings in sumo land

Sumo training is more that just being made to eat a vast quantity of pies daily. Back in June last year a young sumo wrestler died from beatings he received which were supposed to be part of his training. Most disturbingly, the instrument used to beat him the day before his death was, bizarrely, a beer bottle. On the day he died, according to the Japan Times, he was denied breakfast. The distressed trainee then ran away from the sumo stable only to be brought back by "kindly" local officers who found him in a local convenience shop. He received further beatings and was forced to engage senior wrestlers in bouts, all without having eaten the entire day.
This story reveals a really frightening side to sumo. The sumo stables are a closed world, so for all we know, this kind of nastiness might be common. The fact that the police brought this poor boy back to be beaten to death leaves a very unpleasant aftertaste. Bring back the pies.