Tuesday, February 19, 2008

AOU Arcade Game Expo

This Saturday I covered the AOU Entertainment Expo for Japan Times. The biggest news was the preview of Street Fighter IV. However, not being a boy n' all what I was most excited about was Jubeat, Konami's new music game. I'm a huge Pop n' Music and Dance Dance Revolution fan but such a spaz when it comes to coordinating my hands to push the buttons when they appear on the screens. With Jubeat the buttons are the screen, hooray! Read about it here. Problem was, I was so busy covering the event I didn't get to play anything on account of the hour and a half queues for most games. PS I just love the chicks in the Konami outfits, though with the game being so simple, to use they were rather redundant.

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Thomas Soubrier said...

Hi Felicity !
How are you?
As I was doing a research on my name too see if my website was featured in google, when I found the link to your article about the AOU. So I wanted to thank you a lot for having my name featured in this.

Thanks again, and take care.