Monday, October 13, 2008

Molest your very own miniture maid

Ever dreamed of owning your very own miniature maid and subjecting her to some heavy sexual harassment, without any pesky police officers hammering down your door? Well it's your lucky day, AR figures brings you a 2 inch-high submissive anime character whom you can undress while she squeals helplessly. If you don't understand Japanese, here's a short translation of what she's saying "(Cute noises). Nice to meet you master. I am Alice your cyber figure. Wow is this master's room? Wha, What the f***. What are you doing all of a sudden. Yah, that's not right. Yaaaaaaa. (crying) You are so mean. Is this a present? Wow, it's soooo cute."
Ah, if only real women's affections were so easily bought. The technology works by aiming a webcam at the cube so the character appears on your computer screen. The lolly stick is for undressing and caressing her. In semi virtual reality. Ewww.

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