Wednesday, May 20, 2009

'Don't treat us like cattle,' protest Japanese men

A cell phone website called 'boy's ranch' has had Japanese men up in arms. Once women register men on the site, the chaps become livestock with ratings for wealth, looks and whether or not they are herbivorous (see previous post) or carnivorous. In this way female friends can check guys out. It's common in Japan for women to introduce male friends as prospective dating prospects to their female friends, so this service is a natural progression of a traditional practise.
Due to a huge amount of protest via email from beleaguered blokes, the service has shut down. Men clearly don't like being treated like pieces of meat
, hopefully in future they'll keep this in mind when they sit about assessing women over a beer. Via Watashi to Tokyo.

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Anonymous said...

... seriously can't see why they might resent having ALL their presonal information put up on this kind of thing?