Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No sex please we're Japanese

In a survey conducted by Durex, the numbers of sexually active Japanese couples is woefully low. The average number of times people actually get down to it are 46 a year which looks pretty measley when compared with the global average of 103 times. This result is said to reflect the high numbers of couples who are just too busy for sex. Businessmen work long hours, usually followed up with drinking sessions with their colleagues and finally a long commute home. This leaves the exhausted salaryman with no time for any hankie or indeed panky. The wives who get to stay at home all day, inevitably feel the slow burn of sexual tension but have no outlet. Men's sexual needs end up being serviced at dingy massage parlours while often the women either grin and bear it or have affairs. One can't help but wonder whether the taboo on displays of public affection further adds to problems.

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