Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Walk like a pigeon

To me the sight of a Japanese woman waddling along bowlegged in high heels is pretty comical and for years I was under the impression that there was something wrong with their legs, not so. This style of walking has a name 'uchimata' (according to Culture Shock by P Sean Bramble) and is adopted deliberately by women who consider it cute. It apparently originated because of the suffling-style of walking women in kimono were forced to adopt.

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jeffecito said...

Are you serious?

My God I though they have a problem with her legs, I even asked a Brazilian woman that has been living here for about 17 years, and she told me that the japanese women walk like that cause many years ago, they were using their traditional sling.
And if we look now, their kids are not walking same way, cause they are using western style ones, she said.

I also asked her why we dont see this in the men?
and she said they also walk like this, but we dont notice cause they dont use heels.

Anyway I find it weird.